COVID Survivors Project

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Documenting the lived experience of COVID survivorship
through rapid response oral history collection.

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About the Project

The COVID Survivors Project is an oral history project aimed at using rapid response collection to document the individual lived experience of COVID infection and its aftermath. It focuses on the lived experience of ‘survivors’.

In our context, ‘survivors’ are not just those who have become infected and recovered. Rather, ‘survivors’ are:

  • Those who have been directly touched by the virus, either by becoming infected themselves; or
  • Those who are the immediate family members or caretakers of individuals who became infected but who sadly did not recover.

Our effort at documenting survivorship, therefore, is not just an effort to record a feeling of trauma in the moment, but also the spaces and people that are left behind in the wake of it.

Ways to Contribute

We are looking to collect self-recorded videos of survivors talking about their lived experience. Prompt questions are available below if you are not sure where to start which can help you to think critically about what you may want to include in your narrative. Be as open with your experience as you are comfortable being and share as many (or as few!) personal details that you find appropriate.

You will have the opportunity to upload the videos yourself through the website. Videos can easily be recorded on your smartphone or computer and uploaded directly from the point of creation. Once uploaded and approved, you can view them on our YouTube channel.


Filming Your Video

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Not sure where to start? Below, you'll find a few prompts to help you structure your video. Feel free to use these if you like, or take it in a totally different direction. It's all about you and your story! You can also download the complete guide here.



If you feel comfortable, tell us about yourself – name, age, location, vocation etc.


Your Symptoms

Tell us some details about your symptoms and their severity.


Your Recovery Journey

How would you describe your own journey from illness to recovery?


Your Mental Health

Alongside physical symptoms, how were you impacted psychologically?


Your Support Network

What was your support network like? How were those relationships impacted?


Thoughts on Government

How do you think your government's response impacted your experience?


By uploading your video to the COVID Survivors Project site, or by sending us audio or written testimony via email, mail, or any of our social media platforms, you consent to your submission being housed within a searchable public archive and that it may be used across our social media platforms for the purposes of archive curation.

Get In Touch

Not keen on submitting a video?

While we think that it is important to have a visual and oral history recording of your experience, as such a medium is more compelling, we understand that not everyone is comfortable with it. If you have become inspired by the project and would still like to contribute to our archive through a different medium – for example, with an audio file, written testimony, or artwork – please get in touch with us and we will share your contribution through our social media platforms.

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